Long Name, Short Car – Modified 1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo

If you want a cheap, small car that goes fast, you’ll have to look back to the first hot-hatch craze of the early to mid-1980s. That’s where you’ll find unusual hits like the Dodge Colt GT-S with twin stick, the Chevrolet Sprint Turbo, or the Isuzu I-Mark RS. To be fair to today’s feature car, that’s a bit of a digression, since it is no longer in possession of its original engine, having been upgraded with a Japanese-market B13G, which appears to be the stock engine in a Suzuki Swift GTi. You can find this 1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo, listed as a Chevy Sprint Turbo Forsa Cultus Swift Gti for sale for $3600 in Los Angeles, CA.

1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo modified left front

The seller has done several tasteful modifications for a car of this type, including lowering on coil-overs, black 16″ wheels, and lower air dam with large fog lights, which gives a kind of tarmac rally look. Given how light these cars must be, this could be a devastating autocross weapon if the modifications have been done properly.

1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo modified engine

The engine is said to be a Japanese market one, but later Suzuki Swift GTis were equipped with this same engine. The seller does not say anything about California BAR approval, which would be the only way to get this thing through smog testing, but this little twincam 1300 with 101hp has got to be a blast. At about 1600 lb., it’s one of the lightest cars around as well. The fuel system, clutch, and exhaust have all been modified as well.

1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo modified interior

The interior looks quite respectable, although there is some oxidation and fading of the plastics, and you can’t see the bolsters on the driver’s seat. The floor also appears to be missing its carpets, so you can expect a greater level of noise and vibration until you get that sorted.

1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo modified right rear

The tail looks cool too, though with that large wing and exhaust it’s more in the vein of a modified home-market Japanese car. It’s nice to see the seller has resisted the temptation of lame Japanese or parts supplier stickers, making the car look very clean. Who would you surprise in the twisties with this thing? Everyone, that’s who.


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4 Responses to “Long Name, Short Car – Modified 1986 Chevrolet Sprint Turbo”

  1. clunkerlove Says:

    Very awesome, I’ve always been a fan of the Swift Gti, and I’m pleased you’d mention the Colt Gt-s as well as the I-Mark RS, most writers would have stopped at Omni GLHS and called it a day. This Sprint would put a hurting on the competition at any track day event I’ll bet. I had a 3rd gen Prelude w/ 225 width Eagle Gt’s back in the day and a guy in a Mustang harassed me on the interstate then tried to hang with me on the S-shaped off-ramp. I had the pleasure of watching him slide off the road and into a mud bog from the recent rains, so I’m kinda fond of tiny cars that punch above their weight.

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Oops, forgot the GLHS, but that only leads to fancier stuff like the Mazda 323 GTX. Mentioning them is one thing, finding a Colt GT-S or I-Mark RS in any condition is another story!

  2. steve in podunk Says:

    There was a Geo Metro convertible running around my hometown with sprint GT running gear about 10 years ago. That’s some Suzuki should have tried to sell themselves

  3. Luis Says:

    Still in for sale?

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