Coke Bottle – 1973 Opel 1900 GT

Inspired by America, designed in Germany, and built in France, this is quite the international car. While they were offered with an 1100 engine in base specification, the Opel GT was most commonly sold with the larger 1900 engine, putting out a respectable 102hp to move roughly 2000 lb. of car. Given its parts commonality with contemporary Opels, and the existence of multiple part suppliers and documented fixes to weak points, this should be a fairly easy-to-own classic sports car. You can find this 1973 Opel 1900 GT in Hudson, WI for $3500.

1973 Opel 1900 GT left front

This is in one of the great 1970s safety colors. Even if the whole safety color theory was just a fad that went out of style, you’ll still have an easy time finding yourself in a parking lot. This car is said to have very little rust, mainly on the driver’s side rear quarter, and the stock wheels are in good condition. The fenders and hood apparently need some attention, but it is not clear what that entails. As with any snow-state car, though, you’ll want to do plenty of poking around to reassure yourself the car is solid.

1973 Opel 1900 GT right rear

The car comes with a box of new parts, and has recent tires, carpet, and seat upholstery. While there are no pictures of the powertrain (or interior), we do get to know it runs well and has the more desirable 4-speed manual. It’s also been upgraded with a Weber carb, which are the go-to modification to improve how the car runs. It’s by all means worth investigating further, but this looks like a good running project to fiddle with as you get to know it.


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  1. steve in podunk Says:

    “Solex in box, good place for it” Amen, brother!

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