Coffee Can – 1972 BMW Bavaria

Look around for old cars and who knows what you’ll turn up. That’s how a quick search for a BMW 2002 turns up some other interesting cars, among them this 1972 BMW Bavaria, listed for $2500 in Sacramento, CA (and previously featured here in 2011!). These are a more comfortable, more powerful long-distance cruiser, while having a more performance-oriented bent than the equivalent Mercedes sedan.

1972 BMW Bavaria left front

Looks like it’s had a repaint at some point in its history, as it is missing the beltline side trim. The overriders and rubber trim are missing from the bumper as well, and the paint looks a little less glossy than you’d expect. Perhaps a wash or a wet sand and polish would do the trick. The mesh basketweave wheels from a later car are a pretty decent looking upgrade, but the dark band of tint at the top of the windshield needs to go.

1972 BMW Bavaria right rear

Holy Honda, Batman, it’s a coffee can exhaust! This must really drone at freeway speeds, so you’ll probably want to pull that. And the limo tint on the rear window. Seller says the interior is a 6/10, so you might have a little work to do. Nothing you can’t cover with sheepskins until you have the scratch, though. Should be easy enough to get a center cap for the right front wheel.

1972 BMW Bavaria engine

The engine compartment gives a much better impression than some of the exterior. With a fancy-pants gel-cell battery, solid shock towers, and braided hoses galore, it looks like someone’s spent some good money on it. What’s up with the heat shield on the right fender well? While some of the work done over the years may not be to your tastes, it looks like it’s been in the care of an owner who was willing to spend money on quite a few upgrades.


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