1972 Triumph GT6 Mark III

Since Austin Healeys have long since moved sadly out of reach, your next choice for a British six that’ll put hair on your chest (watch out, ladies!) is offered by Triumph. And they can be quite expensive, or quite affordable, depending on your luck. Are you feeling lucky tonight? Because here’s a GT6 that, while small and lumbered with a hot passenger compartment, epitomizes what people think of as a quintessential British GT car. Look at it – the Italian-influenced styling, straight six power, wood dash, and at least two seats with room for luggage are shared with the fixed head Jaguar E-type, Aston Martin DB-series cars, MGC-GT, or an Alvis T-series car. Find our reasonably-priced option, a 1972 GT6, in Stevenson, MT for $3900.

1972 Triumph GT6 Mark III left front

White is actually fairly flattering to the shape of the later GT6 as reimagined in the image of the Triumph Stag, matching the Spitfire Mark IV. With the Minilite-style wheels and low stance, it’s asking to be driven. The seller concedes the paint is a little worn, and the car still needs some work including valve guide seals, a brake fluid reservoir seal, and a speedometer cable. There’s also some minor rust in the fenders.

1972 Triumph GT6 Mark III right rear

You have to love these cars with the quad Monza exhausts, and they must really bring out the straight six’s rumble. This car was substantially quicker than its nearest actual competitor, the MGB-GT, at least in teh home market spec. Quite a few people seem to think the last version of the rear is the least appealing, but there’s a lot of appeal in its clean lines, compared to the earlier models.

1972 Triumph GT6 Mark III engine

If you’re picky, the engine compartment could also used some tidying. although really for a driver this is just fine. There’s a lot to be said for not having the cleanest car on the block, it frees you up to actually enjoy the thing. The seller has done plenty of work, including rebuilding the carbs, some brake work, rotoflex couplings, electronic ignition and the exhaust. The car also comes with some spares, including an overdrive differential and steel wheels with new tires.

1972 Triumph GT6 Mark III interior

Wood dash, plenty of gauges, three-spoke steering wheel, bucket seats – are we missing anything from the stereotype? Still, this looks like a whole lot of fun for the money, and quite a bit of the sorting has already been done. Why is the seller exiting? Fed up and doesn’t want to go the final mile? In any case, it looks like the buyer is very close to having a great weekend touring car.


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