1971 Fiat 850 Sedan Special

Sometimes, you see a weirdo car that just says Buy Me, ‘Cause There Aren’t Many Like Me Out There. This is one of those cars – a lightly warmed over 850 sedan. When’s the last time you saw one of these that wasn’t either rusted out, sun-parched, or both? This is a long-time (maybe original) California car with an interior that doesn’t look like it spent its life in the sun. With the same powerplant and underpinnings as the 850 spider, this should have the same fun quotient, feeling like it’s going faster than it ever is while allowing you to bring along more friends than the spider. It’s listed with bidding currently at $2550 and 1 day to go in Highland, CA (just near Sacramento).

1971 Fiat 850 sedan front

Who knew some fog lamps and larger white wheels (maybe off a 124?) could make this little car look so much more aggressive? It also has a twin-tip Abarth exhaust, which should give it a throaty rasp. According to the seller, everything on the car works, which makes it sound like a healthy touring driver. There is some peeling in the clear coat, but on a white car that’s not so easy to see and likely a straightforward fix.

1971 Fiat 850 sedan interior

The interior is also really tidy, if a little plain (is the original seat pattern really just plain vinyl?). And if you want to go on a long trip and the gaping front trunk isn’t big enough, you can fold down the back seat and put even more stuff back there. The seller did add a bit of flash by including an Abarth steering wheel with polished metal spokes.

1971 Fiat 850 sedan rear

The rear is equally tidy-looking. With those tall pillars and short rear deck, even a monkey could parallel-park this car. The only improvement to this look would be to find some oddball period alloys as usually found on the fancy-pants Abarths. Either way, this has to be fun to fling around a corner or at the local autocross.

1971 Fiat 850 sedan engine

You’d think the engine would be hard to access in here… if you didn’t know the rear panel can be unbolted for major repairs. You may be putting in some extended effort since seller says the throttle is rather stiff and there is no choke. The only other issue the seller describes is a clunky kingpin, but fix those two items and you’re off on your first test drive to the mountains!


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4 Responses to “1971 Fiat 850 Sedan Special”

  1. kww Says:

    Much better shape than the FIAT 850 Coupe on BaT right now, and they are essentially the same price. Wonder if it would survive the trip to PacNW?

  2. njsimca Says:

    This must have been the last year for the sedan? Its sub-50 cubic engine enabled it to bypass any EPA requirements, I believe, and it must have been awfully slow! Love the headrests and side markers for the US, that’s rare, too!

  3. chris Says:

    I would drive the pants off of that. Pity that I’m still trying to winnow the herd…

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