Voiture sans luxe – 1971 Simca 1204

“More of the oddball French cars!”, the voice in my head said, and luckily the market provided. When I was a kid, I had a toy Majorette Simca 1100 that came with a boat trailer. Don’t ask me why someone would tow a motorboat with a (at most) 1300cc car, but there it is. And I was inexplicably fascinated by toy cars with trailers… maybe because it mimicked an adult scenario I hoped to live out at some point, although I have so far not towed any kind of trailer, and have no desire to do so.

Speaking of trailers, this car will have to come home on one. Since these are so rare in the US (rarer than Lancia Beta sedans? I’ve never seen even one), beggars can’t be choosers, and I’m featuring this rather rusty, but intact, example. It runs, and with a bit of effort might at least be drivable. With no bids and currently at $199 with no reserve and 3 days left to go in LaPorte, IN, you really can’t go wrong.

1971 Simca 1100 right

Note the rust and dents on the passenger side. While they got very favorable reviews from the US press, they were a flop in the market and only lasted from 1969 to 1972. However, they were very successful in the French market, and did pretty well elsewhere. This means sourcing parts from France (or Britain) might not be too hard – maybe the twin carbs and aluminum sump from a 1204 Special to start.

1971 Simca 1100 left rear

Notice the hatch – the 1204 (along with the Renault 16 and Austin Maxi) was an early hatchback, which must have been pretty useful along with the folding rear seats. Other notable technologies for its class included 4-wheel disc brakes and torsion bar suspension, front & back. Also notice the copious rust, which demands some kind of structural inspection at the very least, and maybe some tetanus shots if you plan to use the car regularly.

1971 Simca 1100 interior

The interior is actually in remarkably good shape. The back also looks tidy, and the upholstery is surprisingly intact. Check out the oddball positioning of the radio (my car – my music!), and the presence of a gauge to measure torque and vacuum. For some reason the torque display reads down to -20 – is that for deceleration?

1971 Simca 1100 engine

The engine compartment also looks pretty decent. The air filter is also present, just not shown in this photo. The car does run, but is not drivable since the clutch slave hose ruptured, and the brakes are also not functional. The seller does not go into detail on the structural integrity of the car, so one can only hope. Parts are available from the US Simca club.

However, if you’re looking to attract the ladies, that’s not the car to do it. Try this on for size instead – a Matra-Simca Bagheera on Whidbey Island, WA for $2500. Check out the seating – you can have two honeys at your side.


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2 Responses to “Voiture sans luxe – 1971 Simca 1204”

  1. Max Power Says:

    I have seen more Plymouth Crickets (Hillman Avengers) and Austin Marinas here in the states than Simca 1204’s. And yeah, I remember as a kid spending my summers in Italy in the 70’s seeing these all over the places along with the Simca 1000. Wow….great find

  2. Roger Says:

    My GT project shares shop space with the Matra. The mid-70s Cosmo you featured here awhile ago is still hanging around, complete with new rust repairs, and needs a home, too.

    This particular car looks like it needs endless welding, which is too bad. Homely but rare.

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