McDonough, Georgia, Part 2 – 1989 Suzuki Swift GTi

The Suzuki Cultus came in a number of humdrum variations that did a couple of things well – be cheap, and save gas. Somehow, their absolute bottom-end-ness makes them not quite as boring as a slightly larger bland-box – perhaps it’s because you really need to work to keep things on the move. But if you’re a fan of obscure versions of common appliances, you’ll know we’re not looking for one of those – it has to be either a Chevrolet Sprint Turbo or this 1989 Suzuki Swift GTi, for sale for $2100 in McDonough, GA.

1989 Suzuki Swift GTi left front

The car is said to be in decent shape, functionally – the air conditioning and heat work, it’s said to run well, and it has recent clutch, brakes, and tires. On the downside, it won’t fit in any pictures, and the bumper and hood are in primer, hinting at some prior accident damage. On the driver’s side, the car shows its original paint and wheel/hubcap setup, but the panel gap between the door and front quarter panel seems rather wide.

1989 Suzuki Swift GTi right rear

Confusingly, the seller says “hardly none if any rust can be found” – presumably that means there’s not much corrosion. Mismatched wheels are a shame, and could be another hint that this car has a history. That said, the factory wheels on the later cars were not particularly attractive anyway, so this is your opportunity to pick something cool and period – BBS mesh wheels, perhaps? Unfortunately, there are no further pictures or description, and while 101hp sounds light, so is the car’s body, and that makes it worth a closer look.


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    Listing removed, perhaps for grammatical reasons by Craigslist…?

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