Light Truck Tuesday – 1969 Suzuki Carry

Suzuki has now been gone from the American market for a couple of years, but it’s time to recall one of its first forays here. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the International Equipment Corporation imported the Suzuki Jimny micro-off-roaders. It’s likely they also imported a few of Suzuki’s Carry line of pickup trucks, as there are a few of them here and there in North America. A good alternative light truck for urban or landscaping use, they’re low on power, low on weight, and low on center of gravity. If you didn’t see the front-mounted cab and pickup bed, you’d probably think that description was something a lot more fun. Check out this 1969 Suzuki Carry for sale for $3000 in Paso Robles, CA.

1969 Suzuki Carry right front

Well, it’s good to know you can get a dirtbike in the bed. With the 359cc two-stroke pumping out 26hp, you’re not getting anywhere fast, although a quick search will produce some pictures of crazy Japanese people racing them on a track. While the truck is said to have rust and multiple paint jobs, it appears the original color, as seen inside the cab, was orange. It’s also said to run very well and manage to hit freeway speeds, so at least 55mph?

1969 Suzuki Carry left front

Does he come with the car? If you’re going to pose someone with your truck, would you pick a middle-aged man over junkyard jane? That grill/headlight setup is fairly unusual, and all the reflectors on the front (together with the orange paint) suggest this was a public works vehicle in an earlier life. If you’re looking for an affordable microcar, this may be your only choice.


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5 Responses to “Light Truck Tuesday – 1969 Suzuki Carry”

  1. lynn finlayson Says:

    i have one of these that is also orange. I was told it was by the broncos football team, on the field, back when it was new in 69. never saw another one with the round headlites. I just got a title for it. ive had other bubble cars of that era that were street legal. mine is missing the motor and trans, but plan on putting a water cooled motorcycle motor in it and change the suspension to something I can find parts for, so I can keep driving it. ive googled every which way I can to find anything on this body style, but this is the only one ive found…can somebody call me about them… 308-760-1396..

  2. Terry Says:

    Hey. That’s my truck with my 1980 Suzuki RM125 in the back. How did this article come about? Wierd.

  3. Perry Says:

    This is my truck in these pictures. The truck will run freeway speeds. With larger wheels I’ve had it up to a surprisingly easy 70mph! Yes the truck is so rusty that I was literally afraid the windscreen would break or the wheels would fall off. The rearend is so light the truck would easily get stuck on a level gravel road! Hence the 1980 RM125 in the bed. The man in the picture gave the truck a sense of perspective and no, some of us aren’t into “junkyard Janes”. I’ll take a sexy middle aged man any day.

    • lynn finlayson Says:

      not sure where you are or what photo you are lookin at… mine is orange and not rusty. I picked up a Honda gold wing 6 cylinder motorcycle motor with reverse, shaft drive 5 speed with twin carbs, water cooled. ive got too many projects that ill never get to, so posted it on Denver craigslist. got one call and a butt load of spam messages… had one guy, years ago, that wanted it for the windshield. said he would fly out, get the glass and take whats left to the crusher. when he said crusher, I said, its not for sale… my number is in the old add… give me a call…

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