RustyButTrusty on the Street – Fiat, Two Landies, and a Citroen

In another edition of RustyButTrusty on the Street, we reveal more of the fruits of the streets of San Francisco, courtesy of the ranks of La Resistance Contre-Prius (wow, that sounds like a real thing). Leading the charge is this early-ish (pre-impact bumper) 1974 Fiat Spider. For the anoraks out there, the 1974 assumption is based on the rubber Sabrinas visible on the front bumper, which, while not as bad as those found on period Triumphs, would be best removed and tossed in the nearest dustbin.


Next up is our first Toyota Land Cruiser, a pre-1979 model based on the rounded headlight bezel. It’s clearly had significant work done to it, and nothing, not even wild elephants and tigers, will stop it from getting up the rugged San Francisco hills. On the bright side, its short wheelbase means it’s also easy to park.


This is perhaps a bit of a stretch, since a car with no engine and missing some panels is hardly trusty, but this project Citroen 2CV is parked on the same trailer that once held a Mini in similar condition. Hopefully, the owner is running a European people’s car restoration shop and in 6 months, this will be bring back memories of honeymoons in France for people on the street.


Last but not least, this 1980s Toyota Land Cruiser features a turbo diesel engine, right hand drive, and awesome 1980s graphics. The owner stopped by to chat a little about his car, and its massive front bumper, which houses a fantastic winch. The car is said to have entered the country via Canada, and was in near-perfect condition.



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