FoMoCo Tuesday – 1986 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

For a certain segment of the population, this car will induce reactions like “Why in God’s name are you wasting my time with this?”, while others will be reminded of, say, prom, or a ride to the airport. Well, there’s a couple of reasons this car might be interesting, besides nostalgia – attrition makes this a rare vehicle, it appears to be in excellent condition, and holy crap it’s an eighties limo without scary stains or an Aquanet dispenser! Check out this 1986 Lincoln Town Car limousine for sale for $3950 in Kearny Villa, CA.

1986 Lincoln Town Car limo left front

Black is the preferred color unless you’re a bachelorette, and it’s remarkable to see one of these in such good condition, for less than $4K at that! Think of all the unconventional uses for this thing – LeMons support vehicle, road trip car, carpool vehicle, prop for movies set in the 1980s, Uber/Lift ride for picking up ironic hipsters, the list goes on!

1986 Lincoln Town Car limo right rear

The car is said to run well, but the seals on the a/c have dried out. The above picture suggests it’s spent some time in storage, and the dried out seals underscore that suspicion. It’s quite likely this was a private car, as the condition and low miles (104,000) suggest it was better treated than are most commercial limos.

1986 Lincoln Town Car limo interior front

The front chauffeur seating still enjoys the patina of an authentic 1980s American luxury car. That includes plastiwood, squishy velour seats, and enough vinyl and rubber to send a DuPont heir to boarding school for a year. Look closer and you’ll see a radio with digital display, and a phone for your passengers to tell you to stop at the corner liquor store.

1986 Lincoln Town Car limo interior rear

Lastly, a shot of the back. With your average 28-year-old limo, you’d expect stains of various questionable colors, but for nearly 4 Gs, expect more! Expect a fully redone interior with a bar featuring 3 decanters and an ice container. Expect wall-to-wall carpet, grey velour upholstery, a hybrid palm-tree/mushroom-thingy pattern on the C-pillar. What would you do with this car after you’ve disinfected it?


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3 Responses to “FoMoCo Tuesday – 1986 Lincoln Town Car Limousine”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    I’ve done some pretty debauched activities in the back of similar limos. The 80’s were really good for me.

  2. louiedonovan55 Says:

    This limo is awesome, and some limo companies still use it, though other limo companies uses a new version.

  3. juan guevara Says:

    is this car still available?

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