Wagon Friday – 1967 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon

While the Plymouth Satellite certainly was an interesting vehicle, and has some good nostalgic value, it could never be described as beautiful, or even really attractive. Such is not the case with Chevrolet and its full-size Impala line – they were quite attractive, and in 1967, while they lost the cool triple-round tail lights on either side, they gained enhanced Coke-bottle styling inspired by the Corvette. They also received a gaggle of safety improvements, courtesy of the US government. While wagons have risen to prominence as collector cars, what with boomers and Gen Xers growing to an age where they are having nostalgia for the cars of their childhoods, there are still quite a few affordable options, such as this 1967 Chevrolet Caprice wagon, for sale in Van Nuys, CA with bidding at $200 and 2 weeks left to go.

1967 Chevrolet Caprice wagon for sale

Aside from the missing hubcaps, this car looks to be in pretty good condition. Is that gold paint to make up for wood trim that’s gone missing, or a factory paint scheme? Either way, it’s an interesting accent and actually looks much better than simulated wood grain – if you used this as a tow car for your Lotus Cortina, you’d have a matching color scheme. From the exterior badging, it’s not clear which V8 powers this thing, but plan on a 195hp 283 and be pleasantly surprised if you get more.

1967 Chevrolet Caprice wagon for sale

Add sagging headliner to the list of needs. The primary damage on this car is said to be vandalism, but it’s not clear where that is – all the panels look straight, the paint looks good and the interior looks decent. Perhaps the rear glass is not lowered, but smashed out? It’s worth seeing if the seller will let you keep the California black plates that point to a local history. It’s possible it never even left the Los Angeles area, seeing as there were two manufacturing plants right there to fill the car-hungry LA suburbs.


Dark tan vinyl matches the secondary color on the outside. Incidentally, vinyl was an optional upgrade from cloth in sedans and coupes – how perception changes, since now you’d upgrade from cloth to leather (and pre-war, cloth was the upgrade *from* leather). As with the last wagon, the interior looks pretty clean, with the exception of the carpet, which you might as well remove and pressure wash to eliminate any remaining trace’s of little Jimmy’s vomit, circa 1972, from that long road trip to visit grandma and grandpa in Peoria.

1967 Chevrolet Caprice wagon for sale

The sole engine photo doesn’t give any clues to the non-Chevy-initiated about the displacement. It could range anywhere from the aforementioned 283 small-block to a 385hp 427. The car seems to have air conditioning, which surely only needs a recharge to be able to recreate the Arctic inside the car. Where would you take this car?


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3 Responses to “Wagon Friday – 1967 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon”

  1. steve in podunk Says:

    That’s a big block, this car is gonna bring some tall dollars by time it sells. That $200 bid is just a marker for someone. I would expect this car to bring 5 or 6 large or more. It’s tough to get a bargain through CoPart anymore. I stopped buying from them 3 or 4 years ago because the fees got egregious and the deals were thin on the ground.

  2. Bob Says:

    Yep, she is a big block. I could have said that from the outside badges, without looking under the hood. Wagons are cool, and actually listed for more money than convertibles when new.

  3. Jerry Bivens Says:

    Is this wagon still for sale please contact me, Jerry,
    at jerjanbiv@aol.com or 760-861-0462

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