Early Smoothie – 1967 Fiat 124 Sport Spider

As mentioned in a previous feature of two Fiat Spiders, finding an early spider is not as easy as uncovering a later car with the large, double tube bumpers they had from 1975 to 1985. However, one pops up every so often, and in spite of their rarity, style and sporting specification, they still fail to bring in big, or even moderate numbers. One example of this secret bargain is a very early 1967 Fiat 124 Sport Spider, for sale in Edmonds, WA for $4000.

1967 Fiat spider left front for sale

True, a color other than red would be more original on an Italian sports car, but at least this appears to be a darker shade of red. Notice the smooth hood, typical of the early cars, along with the slim bumpers and round marker lights. This is the first year the car was sold in North America, and while it was originally equipped with a 1438cc engine, this car has received a later 2-liter engine. The seller does not mention if the car is carburetted or fuel injected, and does not provide an under-hood shot.

1967 Fiat Spider right rear for sale

The quality of the photography is pretty good for this price range, though, and turning on the lights is a nice touch that speaks to the condition of the electrical system. Silver is the correct color for the wheels, but the dark red works pretty well. The car has had some suspension work, new header and exhaust, new tires and brakes, and comes with the usual box of parts.

1967 Fiat Spider interior for sale

If you’re an originality nut, look away. This car’s interior has been changed to a later one, perhaps taken from the same source as the engine. According to some sources, 1967 spiders had the heater controls on the dashboard, where this one has them down by the handbrake as seen on later spiders. The color change to tan is a matter of taste, but the rest of the car looks so good this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. If this is truly the restored car it appears to be, this is a great deal, and should disappear quickly. And if you buy it, you can re-enact this ad (courtesy of Hooniverse):

1967 Fiat Spider advertisement


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