Not Portly – 1967 Toyota Stout 1900

You wouldn’t believe it today, looking at Toyota’s vast manufacturing capabilities spread around the planet, but in 1964, they introduced the Stout 1900 pickup and sold a grand total of 4 trucks. This was Toyota’s first effort in the American pickup market, and you can imagine the objections – lack of legroom, lack of power, lack of size. Of course, that was all before anyone knew about the fuel crisis that would show up about 10 years later, when all those things were non-issues compared to fuel consumption. Today’s feature truck is not quite as rare as the 1964 model, but will still give you the feeling of those early days. You can find this 1967 Toyota Stout 1900 at $2000 with no bids and one day left to go in Lyle, WA.

1967 Toyota Stout right front

This truck is said to be for sale by its second owner. It apparently runs and drives well, but has sat for several years, so will need the usual maintenance catch-up work. The styling makes it look like a full-size American truck, but in reality this is slightly larger than a 1970s minitruck. Did Toyota engineers embark on a journey to beat the full-size trucks produced by the Big 3, and if so, did they know it would take them around 40 years to get it right? Even now, the Toyota Tundra is not enjoying the success its American brothers do.

1967 Toyota Stout engine

The little 3R engine should be pretty tough, given somewhat regular maintenance. It actually looks fairly decent under the hood, and has already had an oil and coolant change. So you know the nastiest spiders have moved out or been killed by engine heat, right?

1967 Toyota Stout left

Looks okay from this side too. There is no visible rust bubbling at the bottom of the doors and cab, and it doesn’t look too beat up for a truck its age. It’s amazing to think what this looked like when it rolled out of the dealership – 45 years on, shiny paint just wouldn’t look right here. Say it’s silly, but wouldn’t a faked vintage door sign look cool on this?

1967 Toyota Stout interior

The interior doesn’t look half bad – if this truck was ten years newer, you could expect sun-baked plastics all over the place. The seats are from a newer vehicle, and don’t look to be properly fastened. A little bit of creativity or a visit to a welder’s shop could yield some nice mounts to keep you safe on longer drives.

1967 Toyota Stout patina

Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’! You could do photographic studies of all the different finishes and surfaces, intentional or natural, on this truck. Normally dents would detract from the value, but unless you’re planning a restoration, this look is pretty neat. It evokes a boxer who’s survived many fights. Do you have any experience with early Japanese trucks? Share it in the comments!


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  1. milton danilo Says:

    hola que tal soy del el salvador queria saber si todivia hay culatas para el toyota stoup 1900 año 67

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