RustyButTrusty On The Street – 2013 Melee Sendoff

Okay, it’s going to be hard to lie about this, because even in San Francisco you won’t ordinarily see a Peugeot 203 and a Hudson Hornet within spitting distance of each other. Although the other day, a Citroen H-van and a McLaren MP4-12C were going the other direction on 101 within a few minutes of each other… Anyway, car events can be a great family outing. And such was the case with the Melee sendoff – even if the RustyButTrusty Alfas are too new to qualify, and the BMW is likely too common, there’s no restriction on who attends the sendoff or what car brings you there.

2013 Melee Peugeot 203 1

It’s not every day you see a Peugeot 203, with art-deco-y fender spats, no less. The car had a fantastic restored interior, but the exterior looked to be gently aged.

2013 Melee Peugeot 203 2

Amazing, this was a slightly upmarket family sedan in post-war France, but what a beautiful design. Of course some pre-war Peugeots like the coachbuilt Darl’mat were gorgeous, so perhaps that was the influence.

2013 Melee Lancia Flaminia coupe

More drool-worthy car – V6, rear transaxle, elegant design, all in a Lancia Flaminia coupe.

2013 Melee Hudson and GTV

What an odd couple – a Hudson Hornet sedan and a 1969 Alfa Romeo GTV. Where else would you see these two in the same place?

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan

This Chevrolet Bel Air sedan is often parked in front of this even older home in the Presidio. What a great thing to see – the Presidio already feels rather lost in time, but this just increases that feeling. Until one of San Francisco’s ubiquitous Priuseses rolls by.


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