PNW Quickie – 1967 Volvo 122 Wagon

Since living near and frequently running past a home that had a heavily oxidized red 2-door Volvo 122 out front, they’ve been interesting as a somewhat sporting yet reliable vintage car. Combined with the fact that a fair amount are still out and about on the roads, they’re still an accessible classic for the enthusiast. Case in point is this nice-looking, yet poorly-described, 1967 122 wagon available in Kent/Covington, WA, just south of Seattle, for $2500.

1967 Volvo 122 front

Dark blue suits these cars really well. As is fairly common with craigslist, the seller does not offer much detail, and the picture doesn’t give much to go on, either. However, it’s at least a reasonably hi-res image, and from it you can see that the car has nice, clean, glossy dark blue paint, that it’s a wagon, and that the front end trim is not only intact but is in immaculate condition. Overall, it looks like a well cared-for car. The only problem is the car needs some interior work, although at that price I’d be willing to bet it has other needs.

So what’s wrong with it, or why is the seller selling? Well, he does say he wants it gone before the end of the month, so perhaps it’s due to a move or imminent military service. Either way, he has not been responsive to any queries. Give it a try – if you hear back in the comments, please post your experience!


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