Suckered – 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT (plus bonus ’78!)

As regular readers know, I am a sucker for a nice Alfetta, or even a not-so-nice Alfetta, which is how I end up spending more on bodywork than I probably should! While they have their issues, which are well-known from when Alfa Romeo was trying to sell these as daily drivers, many of those are significantly diminished by the weekend driver status. When sorted, they are really quite reliable as a fun second car. With that, let’s see today’s example, a 1976 Alfetta GT listed for $1500 in Seward Park, near Seattle, WA.

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT left front

Silver is a handy color since it makes any rust particularly visible. Granted, the rockers are painted black, so you’d want to check those out, but it really does look good in silver. The two little spoilers on the front are missing, although honestly that doesn’t really detract from the look. True Alfetta dorks will notice the 1978-only grill with two chrome bars on each side, where other years’ grills are all black plastic. Combined with some other details, this could be a mistake or actually a 1978 car.

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT left rear

Issues: Apparently, the car has frozen rear brake calipers, which is a bit of a pain, but hey, it’s a chance to get to know the car and replace some bushings while you’re down there. Also, the car looks like it’s been “stanced” at some point. To be usable, it does really need to be a bit higher, and you’ll still get the benefit of a lowered suspension – and frankly, lowering from the bizarrely high US-spec is worth the effort, both in handling and looks.

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT interior

The vinyl interior is said to have some tears and fading, but this is also fairly inexpensive to fix – I paid about $500 to have the seats redone in cloth at my favorite Oakland upholsterer. No detail is given about the condition of the dash, which is nearly always cracked on cars of this vintage – it looks to have a dash pad over the original. From this angle, the car looks pretty clean inside, even the seats, and the center console is complete. The steering wheel and shift knob look to have been updated, and here’s the other late-model GT part – the door panels are not the funky molded plastic type that’s usually on the early coupes.

1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT engine

Lastly, a not-so-useful image of the engine. At least you know it’s got the original SPICA injection, so bringing it down to California might not be too hard. It appears the air conditioning compressor has been removed, although looking at the dash you can see it was originally an A/C car. The car also comes with a lightened flywheel – while I realize this makes the engine rev more easily, it also makes it less likely to hold a steady RPM. Is there some Alfetta-specific issue this was intended to solve? Let me know if you check it out – this car looks to have great potential.

Oh, and in case you have twice the readies in your pocket, check this one out. It’s in Sacramento, CA for $3000, and has had a recent driveshaft rebuild.


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3 Responses to “Suckered – 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT (plus bonus ’78!)”

  1. Robert Parish Says:

    i noticed this photo…i purchased this alfetta, let me know if you would like to hear about it

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Absolutely, that looked like a great car, it would be nice to hear if it really was….

      • Robert Parish Says:

        a bit of a twisty story, i will try to be brief…i was helping a young alfisti find a car, he wanted an alfa, a bimmer or maybe some classic japanese car. we found that silver alfetta on craigslist and took the flatbed when we went to look at it. the owner couldnt get it to start and a rear caliper was stuck, but the owner before him had been the seattle alfa club president. so we took a chance and loaded it up and took it away for $1000. Milo (my sons bike teammate and new alfa owner) put a new batt in it and it started right up. new rear caliper, coil and water pump (i had those lying around) and he had a great car. he found a mazda rx7 that stole his heart, so i took on the alfa just four months later…gave him $1500 to cover the brake work he did. here is a list of the mods the car has…i am still finding cool touches. wes ingram built racing spica pump. custome fabbed headers and exhaust. hotter cams, lightened flywheel, lowered torsion forward and shorter springs in rear, bosch halogen headlights, braded stainless brake lines, i swapped out the door panels for ones i had that i like better, painted the wheels and kamm tail black…now its my daily driver. runs like snot and sounds like a ferrari…doesnt handle as well as my sedan (heavily modified), and i have snows in the rear…but still fun. terrible on gas! shoots flames out the side! heh heh

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