Truck Week – 1989 Dodge Dakota Sport Convertible

Update: Several months later, this 1989 Dodge Dakota Sport converti-truck is listed for sale for $3000 in Portland, OR. The seller has added a couple of pictures of the interior (who doesn’t like whorehouse red?), which still supports the impression this truck is in great shape for its age.

Original Post, Sept. 15, 2013: Here at RustyButTrusty, we appreciate the rare and obscure, even if it’s based on a rather mundane platform. So the oddball version of a Corolla, a convertible Camry, or a Honda Accord stretch limo are all interesting. Equally appealing is the rare Dodge Dakota convertible. Built from 1989 to 1991, with production numbering in the low thousands, this will no doubt pull big bucks at Barrett Jackson in 20 years! Find your blue chip investment opportunity in this 1989 Dakota Sport Convertible with bidding at $1534 and 1 day left to go in Portland, OR.

1989 Dodge Dakota convertible left

These were built under contract with ASC, with a mere 8 built in 1991 (where are they now?). This particular truck has the 3.9-liter V6 with a robust 125hp and automatic transmission. Okay, while that’s not the most exciting powertrain, it’s helped the truck survive for 300,000 miles – is that the most miles on any convertible anything? This was the first convertible truck since the Model A Ford pickup in the 1930s.

1989 Dodge Dakota convertible right rear

The shots suggest the truck has been well-kept, since most of the original 80s-era striping is still there. Make sure the seller has been thorough about cleaning up after their drive on the beach – they make for some great artsy photos, but that salty water won’t help bring the BJ big bucks.

1989 Dodge Dakota convertible left front

While the seller provides some pretty nice shots, there are no detail shots showing the engine or interior, or any problem/wear areas. The seller says there’s a new cloth top, and apparently the interior is in generally good shape. The truck is set up for towing behind an RV, so that probably accounts for some of the miles, and would suggest less wear on the engine than you’d expect. It’s also got a canopy that fits around the convertible top, which must look pretty weird when the top is raised. If there were a tow vehicle in the RustyButTrusty fleet, this would have to be it!


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