Free Car! 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider

Those of you who’ve been reading for a while will know that there’s a 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider that’s responsible for my involvement in the hobby, this blog, and the hole blown out the side of my wallet. Well, here’s a chance for a lucky person in or near Clifton, VA to go down the same rabbit hole, without that silly initial investment I paid. That’s right folks, this car on the AlfaBB is free!

1976 Alfa Romeo Spider

And for free, or even for a smaller 3 or 4 digit sum, this is a pretty good deal. You could probably get that money back in parts, but thanks to an owner who doesn’t want to deal with a non-starting car, you don’t even have to pay that! So what do we have here? Well, according to the owner, it was his daily driver until 5 years ago, and he was amazed by the fact it would always start, even in cold weather. He started it regularly even after that, but now it’s given up the ghost. If you zoom in on the picture, you can also see the rockers are fairly crusty. While the top is faded, it seems to be intact. So the answer to the question is – assuming the rust is not terminal (and it takes a lot for that to happen, even if it looks bad) a fun top-down beater. And if some light repairs don’t cure the problem, you can always salvage/sell what’s valuable (drivetrain, interior bits) and get rid of the rest. Hmm, 24 Hours of Lemons here we come?


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