Not a Volkswagen – 1970 Porsche 914

As a member of the demographic that takes part in the lower end of the classic car market, you’ve no doubt noticed that prices for Porsche 911s have gone completely wacky. Nicer early 911s are now in the low 6 figures, and even lesser/later Porsches have benefited suffered from the upward pull of the 911, including the 914. Fortunately, pricing on what was once considered a VW-Porsche, the poor man’s Porsche, or just not-a-Porsche still leaves some in the realm of the affordable drivers. One of these affordable cars in a beautiful shade of Adriatic blue (less commonly known as smurf blue) is available in Emeryville, CA for $2950. It also appears to be one third of the trifecta of 914s listed on Pelican Parts for $8000.

1970 Porsche 914 left front

For the price, quite a nice looking car. Of course you’ll want to make sure it’s not just a quickie respray, complete with bugs and dust, that looks great in the pictures but not in person. The salvage title might also be part of why this car is cheaper – is there a reliable way to find out why a car has one of these? Seller says it’s a complete car that starts, runs, and drives.

1970 Porsche 914 right rear

Not every car had a 5-speed transmission as standard in 1970, but the 914 did. This car also comes with one of the many styles of alloy wheels commonly seen on this car, the Riviera wheel. They’re probably better for ride and handling, but there is something to be said for the basic steel wheel at this point, since it’s so rarely seen on 914s. It’s hard to tell if the corner reflector is broken or just reflecting light.

1970 Porsche 914 interior

The interior looks surprisingly good – minimal wear and tear to the seats, good carpet, and a complete dash and uncut door panels. A 1970 will still have the fixed-position passenger seat. No doubt there are some dash cracks on a California car, and you’ll want to redye or replace the leather cover on the steering wheel. No shots of the engine or any rust damage are offered, nor is there mention of any trouble in these areas. Is it still possible to get a cheap, driveable 914? Check it out and post a comment.


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2 Responses to “Not a Volkswagen – 1970 Porsche 914”

  1. Jim larkin Says:

    I bought it for $2000 not long after the pics were taken. The car was well worth the money as it had the 1973 2.0L with all the injection installed. It has been my daily driver from the first day. The interior didn’t hold up very long as the sun had made it hard as glass. Started with one hole and from there it all went to hell. Just purchased a good soft back pad and seat today for it (2/1/2015) but have not done much more than a clutch and tires the last 2 years. Car has taken me all over western states and makes a 120 mile round trip 5 days a week to work.

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