Not Broken? 1972 Citroen DS 21 Safari

So maybe it’s the new baby in the house that I can blame for looking at wagons, or maybe it’s the fascination I’ve had with these since I can remember. I have vague memories of one of these being parked in the alley where my route manager used to drop copies of the Palo Alto Times Tribune when I was 12 (can you imagine now, letting a kid fold papers in an alley?). Anyway, I’ve been looking at these (and Corvair Lakewood wagons) when a pretty decent example popped up in the local craigslist. Being craigslist, though, you don’t always get top-notch photography, although it’s still more than you’d have got in the classifieds of the paper I delivered. So we have one picture and a short description by which to judge today’s feature. Today’s car is listed for sale in West Marin for the seemingly reasonable price of $3000.

Citroen DS 21 Safari

White actually suits these cars pretty well, although given a choice, I’d go for a dark color or one of the metallics that look so elegant on these. As you’ll notice, the car does not have matching hubcaps, but also doesn’t appear to have any visible rust perforation. That said, from one picture you have no idea if the owner’s just sprayed over filler to make it a good 20-footer. Given the covered turning headlights, maybe there’s a chance this is a grey-market model instead of the usual fixed-headlight models that were delivered here. The seller also claims the hydraulics and engine are good, so while there may be some minor body damage (subjective, no doubt), if it’s solid enough it would be fun to sort the greasy bits further and then worry about whether the body needs some amour. Lastly, I’m surprised to see the owner counting 5 speeds (is he including reverse?) – until now I was under the impression that DSes had 4-speeds or Citromatics.

Citroen DS Safari advertisement

To make up for the lack of pictures, here’s a British-market advert for a 1971 DS Safari (thanks to There are literally so many reasons to buy, I don’t know how the gentleman in need of an 8-seater wagon in 1971 could have resisted. Oddly enough, some (all?) British-market Citroens were built in Slough, Berkshire back then, only one town away from where my father grew up. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to them, although to the best of my knowledge, he’s never owned one… anyway, if that ad doesn’t convince you to check out the 1972 model in Marin, I don’t know what will. Please comment if you talk with the seller!


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2 Responses to “Not Broken? 1972 Citroen DS 21 Safari”

  1. lesliewong Says:

    Shouldn’t this also be categorized under “Bad ideas?”

    Congratulations on the new member of the household.

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