Encore! 1966 Citroen DS Wagon

Well, who knew – there are cheap running DSs out there. So I’m writing about the rarer version of this already-rare car. I used to see one of these daily when I did a paper route as a kid. It was in a similar state – clearly a driver, but showing its 20-something years, even then. And even then, I was impressed by the distinctive styling, especially considering it was a wagon. Picture wagons on the street back in the 1980s – even then, this car was amazing.

1966 Citroen DS wagon front

This is another remarkably clean example – while the paint is maybe dull, it is intact, and the body panels look to be free of rust or major dents. The front bumper looks very straight, and the car wears green and white Washington plates, which suggests it’s been there since at least 1986, if not since it was first sold. The car is for sale in Seattle, WA for $1700.

1966 Citroen DS wagon right

According to the seller, the car even runs. You can see here how clean the body is, and it even wears all its hubcaps. The minimal trim and even a roof rack are present. I can’t imagine actually putting luggage up on the fiberglass roof, especially with all the space you have inside the car.

1966 Citroen DS wagon interior

The interior is complete and clean, relatively speaking. There seem to be some water stains on the seats, but with any luck a good cleaning (steam?) might take care of most of it. Even the period radio is in the dash. It’s hard to see in the photos whether that’s a clutch pedal or a brake – with an engine this low in power, and for greater simplicity, I’d stick to manual transmission cars.

1966 Citroen DS wagon left

Here’s the other side. The seller offers many more pictures, which would be really helpful in assessing the condition, since the car seems to have been stored in his yard. As the car runs, you can also see how functional the hydraulics are – count on doing at least some work there. All in all, this looks like another good deal on a Citroen.


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3 Responses to “Encore! 1966 Citroen DS Wagon”

  1. Anthony Says:

    If you’d be so kind as to pass the owner’s phone number or email to me,I’d like to buy it,but,his ad has expired.Thank You,Anthony,(201)456-3626,cell

  2. njsimca Says:

    It’s a 68, manual shift.

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