Repeat? 1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina

Just recently, I wrote for Classic Cartel about a pristine 1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina I remembered from car shows in the late 1990s. It was prized by its original owner, who had it until 2000. That car, like many others on the market, just confirmed my belief that cheap Berlinas were getting really hard to come by at this point. Most have either succumbed to practical-car attrition, or have had restorations that drove their prices up into Giulia Super territory.

Apparently, not all is lost. Affordable Berlinas are still out there, you just have to look a bit more. Last September, a clean but rusty driver showed up on the AlfaBB. And when I saw today’s car for sale, I thought it was the same one. When I compared the license plates, I realized it is indeed the same car, but since I’ve already started writing this, I’m going to wrap this up quickly. You can find the car in Norman, OK for $1400.

1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina front

Since the seller is asking $400 more than he paid for the car last year, I’d be interested to know what I’m getting for the money. It looks like the car has just sat and oxidized in his driveway, but maybe he’s done some work under the hood.

1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina interior

The interior looks pretty much as it did. It’s not necessarily worth doing anything to this particular car for now. Between the body work it needs, interior renovation, and the fact it’s a rubber-bumper car, your best bet is still just driving it. Might be a good cheap rally driver.

1974 Alfa Romeo Berlina rear

Seller says the car has “few, if any holes from rust”. The previous owner took pictures that make the rust look pretty severe, even if it wasn’t structurally threatening. So I guess that requires in-person inspection. Some questions here, but it’s still probably a fun car waiting for someone with the energy to make it a runner. What kept the current seller from doing that?


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