Too Good To Be True? 1994 Alfa Romeo Spider CE

I normally prefer not to feature cars with one picture and a limited description, or cars this new, but this one seems too much of a screaming deal to let details get in the way. And being essentially the same car that came out in 1966, this one can be grandfathered.. in case you needed convincing. While even the earlier cars can work reasonably well as daily drivers, with good brakes, 5 speeds, and a decently powerful fuel-injected engine, the later ones offer more refinements that can make them good daily drivers.

1991 Alfa Romeo Spider CE

And that’s where our car comes into the picture. It’s a series 4 spider, with the final redesign and more luxury and safety options than earlier spider owners can shake a stick at. Further, this particular car is listed as a CE, which implies that it’s from the final 1994 run of Commemorative Edition cars, built in anticipation of the new 916-chassis front-drive spiders. With less than 65k miles, the car is listed for $3300 in Buffalo, NY. The big question is, is it real? Well, in its favor, the seller has posted a VIN, and gives good specifics about the mileage and the title. On the downside, the price is pretty low, the car doesn’t appear to have any CE badging visible (on the nose and possibly on the wheels, although those could easily go missing), they mistakenly say it has a 6-speed manual, and it’s listed as for-sale-by-owner, although it appears to be in a dealer showroom. The year is also not specified. So take it with a grain of salt – but if I were in Buffalo, or in the market for an S4 spider, I would be there in a flash.


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2 Responses to “Too Good To Be True? 1994 Alfa Romeo Spider CE”

  1. Josh Says:

    Definitely fishy.. Here’s the apparent source:

    And it’s listed cheaper? An even better deal or a deeper layer of scamming?
    This place says it’s in Miami but the phone number on the listing is in a CA area code. Weirdness all around.

    • Chris Keen Says:

      Thanks Josh… the plot thickens… if you go to that site, you can find an address. Going to that address in Google street view shows a house… is the guy that stupid that he would give his home address?? So we’re selling a New Jersey-registered car in Florida with a California phone number… I guess that’s global e-commerce for you! đŸ˜›

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