This is not a Honda site – 1972 Honda AZ 600

So from my past few posts, you’d think I was going Honda/Fiat specific, in some strange amalgamation of reliability and character. However, that’s not at all the case, but these cars just keep popping up. I’ve already written about the Honda AZ600, but that example needed some work and was on eBay with reserve not yet met. It’s always better to look at cars on local classifieds for a true indication of local sales prices – eBay confuses things with competitive bidders (it only takes two idiots to make a market, and I’ve been one of those two), and has a broader audience and the potential of fraudulent bidders inflating the final price.

The car featured today is something more like what I was hoping to find the first time around. It’s still in an attractive color for the car (froggy green), and has some cool period equipment. It also wears its age much better than some other examples, although the seller does admit it needs body work. Find it listed for $2700 in East San Jose, CA.

1972 Honda AZ600 right

Notice the cool color-keyed aftermarket wheels, also seen on Minis of the same period. I’m still hopeful the handling on these is Mini-like. It’s also got those chrome eyelids that were popular on Beetles, etc. of the same period – kind of a personal taste thing on these.

1972 Honda AZ600 rear

Continuing around the rear, the paint has a decent level of gloss, and what you can see of the bumpers looks straight. Apparently these hatches have the rear window bonded in, and either the whole lot, or just the window, is prone to falling off the car, so check that (maybe even before you go on a test drive). What is that in the garage in front of the Honda? A Borgward Isabella coupe? Something American?

1972 Honda AZ600 left

Still straight on the other side. I wonder if anyone’s ever lowered the front, that might give it a more aggressive look. Check out the hoodline of the gigantic SUV behind it – gives you a sense of where you’d be in the pecking order on the street.

1972 Honda AZ600 front

And yes, that’s a Lincoln Navigator. Either the owner has a real sense of irony, or bought it in a panic during the 2008 fuel price inflation. The front looks straight too, and it’s amazing how large that license plate looks on the car. Put a Japanese plate on it instead, and head over to the next local J-car show. Buy the Accord limo featured earlier and hitch this to the back for ultimate giggles.


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