Rusty But Trusty!

Welcome to Rusty But Trusty! My goal is to show how I keep up my car hobby, even in times like this when our economy is uncertain. Before I was laid off from my job in the online office of a certain infamous S&L that recently failed, I’d built a mini-fleet of wacky cars on which I’ve been learning a lot, and while not always in the prettiest cosmetic shape, are fun to drive. When I was laid off, I was faced with the question of how to keep the hobby going, keep my cars running, and still save most of my money for the critical stuff… because the people that want your money aren’t going away anytime soon.

With that in mind, I’m going to describe repairs I do to my cars that can be done at a reasonable cost. These might also be small, cheap things that you’d ordinarily put off because they’re not as sexy as, say, a set of big brakes. I’d also like to feature cars that I think would make great budget toys, and possibly even reliable drivers, while not being as appliance-like as, erm, my best beloved’s Corolla. Lastly, I believe in using my old cars on rallies, road trips, and for anything else that’s more fun in an old car, so I’ll document some of those trips.

With that in mind, let’s get started!


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