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One Year Only – 1967 Volkswagen Beetle (Plus Bonus Hot Rod!)

October 28, 2013

Perhaps it is their lingering ubiquity that makes Beetles less interesting to some classic car enthusiasts, but there’s really something to be said for all their different permutations, easy-peasy parts availability, and manifold options for modification. And, of course, you get to repair a car using a book for the Compleat Idiot before the “for Idiots” series existed, and what’s more, it’s written by John Muir. Okay, not that John Muir, but hey… anyhow, while a standard Bug does not sound too exciting, going through the process of selecting modifications and making your own to surprise the odd Alfa or BMW sounds like a lot of fun. On the theme of modifications, isn’t it interesting how owners of other modified people’s cars, namely Fiat 500/600s and Minis, are part of a broader car culture while the air-cooled VW nuts split off into their own subculture? Anyway, enough rambling – take a look at this 1967 Volkswagen Beetle for sale in Canby, OR (near Portland), for $3200.

1964 Volkswagen Beetle right front