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RustyButTrusty on the Street – Dodge, Jaguar, Volvo, Opel, Chevrolet

August 28, 2014

Here’s another entry in the chronicling of interesting cars on the roads of the San Francisco Bay Area of California. And this is only what your faithful correspondent can capture on camera – for example, today there was a Rover P4 on the streets of San Francisco, and an Alfa Berlina on the streets of Berkeley/Oakland. To catch us up, check out this 1964 Dodge 880 sedan. The owner has done some cool modifications that really add to the allure of this car – a slightly lowered body with shiny but worn paint is offset by red reverse steel wheels with faux knockoffs. This picture doesn’t really do it justice – if you live in Oakland, keep an eye open for this example of “the most elegant automobile ever fashioned by Dodge” (says the brochure).



Anti-2002 – 1972 Opel Manta

February 7, 2014

So yeah, BMW 2002s are taking off in value. And sure, they’re nice cars with an iconic design, but the general enthusiasm around them would suggest they’re the only cars in their category, when in fact, they aren’t. And what’s more is, if you look around a little, you can find some affordable alternatives from manufacturers in Italy, England, and Japan. So if you’re feeling a little left out on the current collector-car price explosion, don’t – there are plenty of options still out there, and some arguably more attractive than the 2002. Here’s one of those alternatives – this 1972 Opel Manta, for sale for $1200 in Pueblo, CO.

1972 Opel Manta front


Was ist los? 1970 Opel GT

December 23, 2013

On a German car roll today, we know many of you have more than a passing interest in Opel GTs. And who wouldn’t like these, with their sexy Coke-bottle styling that set the tone for the C3 Corvette, plus a reasonably powerful inline 4 cam-in-head engine. These are also the most plentiful of the classic Opels, as they were more likely to be a second car and therefore well-treated compared to a Kadett or 1900 Sportwagon, or even a Manta. You can find this 1970 Opel GT for sale in Anacortes, WA for $2900.

1970 Opel GT blue left



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